Hi, my name is Simone, and I design with code.

I work as a Senior Data Visualization Expert at Cisco's ThousandEyes where I am part of the Network Analytics Data Platform team.

I am a frog alumnus. In the last few years, I helped designing websites and smart products for big players in the Telco, Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Services, Media, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and Entertainment industries. I prototyped and wrote code for mobile apps, online financial tools, chatbots, corporate websites, online newspapers, remotely-controlled devices, and autonomous vehicles.

In 2019 I co-founded Visualize News, a collective of computational designers. In 2020 I started collaborating in the development of chrt an easy-to-use charting framework.

In my work, I mainly use HMTL and JavaScript, but also PHP, NodeJS, and Python; I also prototyped physical products using Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

If you want to know a little bit more about me, please visit my LinkedIn profile, or follow me on Twitter, GitHub, Medium, Pinterest, or Behance. I also draw a lot, I publish my artworks on Instagram and sell t-shirt of my designs on Spreadshirt. If you are curious about what I read when online, my bookmarks and snippets are public.

Selected resources

  1. Faceless Persuasion ➔ [2024 | sl]

    My personal online archive of (mostly) political propaganda posters from all over the world

  2. Meloni VS Schlein ➔ [2024 | Visualize News]

    A visualisation that tries to compare press coverage of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and lead of opposition Elly Schlein

  3. Storia della Sinistra Italiana 1892 - 2020 ➔ [2021 | Visualize News]

    A data-driven poster explaining the evolution of Italian left-wing parties.

  4. Sanremo Music Festival: Adding Colors To Chrt ➔ [2021 | Chrt]

    A blog post about how the Sanremo Music Festival data visualization has been created using Chrt

  5. Overlaying a grid to facilitate the reading of multiple charts in the same page ➔ [2021 | Medium]

    A short article that describes some of the design choices behind the Traffico a Milano project

  6. Going retro ➔ [2021 | Chrt]

    A blog post about how to create vintage-looking charts using Chrt

  7. Chrt Blog ➔ [2021 | Chrt]

    The blog of the charting library I'm helping build.

  8. Evoluzione del parco macchine dei residenti a Milano 2011 - 2019 ➔ [2021 | Visualize News]

    A visualisation that shows how the number of cars registered to the City of Milan residents changed over time.

  9. La guerra dei generi a Sanremo ➔ [2021 | Visualize News]

    An instagram chart about gender representation in the Italian Sanremo Music Festival, the largest pop event in Italy since the 1950s.

  10. Qualche riflessione sulla «fase due» della pandemia di COVID-19 in Italia ➔ [2020 | Medium]

    A short article with some explanation about the data visualization we created during the Corona Virus outbreak.

  11. Corona Virus in Italy ➔ [2020 | Visualize News]

    A collection of charts and graphs to help understand how the COVID-19 situation in Italy is evolving. Updated daily with data from the Italian Civil Protection and the Johns Hopkins University.

  12. L'aria di Milano [2020 | Visualize News]

    A data visualization project about air quality and pollution in Milan, Italy. Data is gathered from the City of Milan Open Data portal.

  13. Salvini meglio di Forrest Gump: tra comizi e feste della Lega, ha percorso oltre 106mila Km in un anno ➔ [2019 | La Repubblica]

    The online edition of the Italian major newspaper La Repubblica published an article and a short interview about “Matteo in Tour”.

  14. "Matteo in tour", il sito che calcola i Km percorsi dal ministro in tour permanente ➔ [2019 | Huffington Post]

    An article published on Huffington Post Italy about the “Matteo in Tour” project.

  15. Com’è nato Matteo in tour, il sito che calcola i km di Salvini ➔ [2019 | Lettera 43]

    An article published by Italian magazine Lettera 43 about the “Matteo in Tour” project.

  16. Matteo In Tour [2019 | Visualize News]

    Italian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs is a dope traveler. Since he took seat, in June 2018, he already attended more than 300 public events across Italy. In this first experiment with DeckGL and Mapbox, I try to visually represent his travels.

  17. Lok Sabha 2019 ➔ [2019 | Visualize News]

    A real time dataviz about the 2019 Indian General Elections.

  18. How does Elezioni.io work ➔ [2018 | Medium]

    Elezioni.io is a news aggregator and analysis tool about the Italian general elections held on March 4th, 2018

  19. Hacking a Multi-User Game Drone Race ➔ [2018 | Designmind]

    frog Milan Design Technologists reflect on creating a drone racetrack and multiuser game--from scratch.

  20. Elezioni.io ➔ [2018 | Visualize News]

    Elezioni.io is a news aggregator and analysis tool about the Italian general elections held on March 4th, 2018.

  21. Drone race ➔ [2018 | Medium]

    We took a Parrot mini-drone and transformed it into a merciless warrior. Sort of…

  22. Porsche Driving Digital Design ➔ [2017 | frog]

    Porsche asked frog to design its next generation connected car apps. The collaboration resulted not only in the launch of the Porsche Connect and Porsche Offroad Precision apps, but also a design language, code library and user-centered methodology that empowered Porsche to scale its delivery of exceptional digital experiences.

  23. AXA Digital Design Language System ➔ [2017 | frog]

    To launch an ambitious new online experience, AXA Group collaborated with frog to simultaneously redefine its content strategy, design language system and user experience, in just nine months.

  24. Twitter Trending Topics ➔ [2016 | Medium]

    What are the websites that feed Twitter's trending topic?

  25. Not A Magazine ➔ [2016 | Medium]

    This website isn't a magazine, but it features the nicest articles about design nonetheless.

  26. Audi Entertainment Mobile ➔ [2016 | frog]

    Leveraging insights from field research in China and the United States, frog helped Audi advance rear seat entertainment with the launch of the Audi Entertainment mobile (AEm).

  27. Marco Polo Shop ➔ [2016 | frog]

    Marco Polo, a leading Italian electronics retailer, asked frog to reimagine its e-commerce web experience and extend this service to mobile and tablet devices.

  28. Miss Fletcher, the Chatbot [2016 | SL]

    A chatbot, powered by Wit.ai, used to search notamagazine.xyz's archives

  29. Lovie Awards Silver Winner AXAGroup.com [2016 | Lovie Awards]

    Frog's redesign of AXA corporate website won a Lovie Awards in 2016

  30. Create a smart clock with a Raspberry Pi ➔ [2015 | Medium]

    I recently finished working on the first version of a “smart” wall clock based on a Raspberry Pi Model B. Since this kind of setup allows you to create endless solutions while being extremely simple to develop, I think sharing the basics about how I did it could be interesting

  31. PHP Boilerplate and Utility Classes ➔ [2015 | Medium]

    A PHP framework I created to quickly bootstrap PHP applications, and a set of PHP utility classes.

  32. Sun'o'clock ➔ [2014 | Medium]

    A home-made smart clock for my home, complete with weather forecasts and info about available public transit around it.

  33. Motion and Gesture Interactions in the Digital Age ➔ [2013 | Medium]

    A talk that Antonio de Pasquale and I presented at Codemotion Madrid 2013.

  34. Connected Care Solution [2013 | designmind]

    As technology disrupts established healthcare systems and the traditional patient-provider dynamic, frog introduces a prototype Connected Care Solution (CCS) that seamlessly connects doctors and patients and supportive communities.

  35. Arrivo Mobile App ➔ [2013 | Behance]

    “Arrivo” as in “I'm almost there…”: an iOS application to keep track of public transport network status in Milan.

  36. Agheera Pulse [2012 | frog]

    To help Agheera's customers keep a sharp eye on their shipments, frog and Agheera designed and built a real-time data platform to monitor conditions from departure to destination.

  37. Fogget About It ➔ [2010 | Medium]

    An internet radio based on SoundCloud's APIs.

  38. Doc@Hand ➔ [2006 | eHealthNews]

    Doc@Hand is an advanced platform aiming to easily access a wide set of data such as clinical records, clinical cases, and diseases correlated information, supporting Healthcare professionals.