Matteo In Tour

Italian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs is a dope traveler. Since he took seat, in June 2018, he already attended more than 300 public events across Italy. In this first experiment with DeckGL and Mapbox, I try to visually represent his travels.

This website, long-listed at the 2020's Information is Beautiful Awards, shows some statistics we gathered from Matteo Salvini's public Facebook profile from June, 2018 to September, 2020.

I used the data published as "Events" on his page to compute the distance he travelled during the almost-two-years while he was Minister of Internal Affairs of the Italian Republic, to render all these places on the map, and to visualize other statistics about his travels.

The project received a a lot of attention in Italy, being cited in several publications:

Unfortunately since 2021, Mapbox's APIs changed, and to keep the site alive I'll need to completely recode the frontend, which is something I'll probably do one day... In the meantime, a PDF version of the website is available for download