Connected Care Solution

As technology disrupts established healthcare systems and the traditional patient-provider dynamic, frog introduces a prototype Connected Care Solution (CCS) that seamlessly connects doctors and patients and supportive communities.

frog's Connected Care Solution was a working prototype of a service available to ease the communication between patients and HCPs. It was focused on patients with high blood pressure, and featured a complete flow: a connected sphygmomanometer, a mobile app for patients to record blood pressure readings and upload them to the cloud, a cloud server, with a REST API, a tablet app for the physician, to check his patient's progress.

In this project, I've been responsible to design and develop the data visualizations for the HCP panel, and to develop the REST APIs.

The case study, once available on frog's Design Mind (here's the case study on the Wayback Machine), has been removed few months ago, but the web still has some info about the project: this slideshare presentation shows few screenshots of the product, starting from slide 25.